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Company History

Founded by Hugh MacKay, in 1857 at premises in Main Street, Bridgend, Perth they soon became the largest painting company in Perth and acquired additional premises in the basements of Kinnoull Church halls in 1913.

Since the formation of MacKay Decorators Ltd it has been a private company with only four previous owners - Hugh Mackay, Alexander Ness, John Ness and Alexander Henderson. John Nevin, the present Managing Director acquired the company in 1991. More recently with his son Mark Nevin taking on the role as Contracts Director in 2010. Keeping it well in with tradition of being a close family company.

Over the years the company have decorated many prestigious buildings throughout the UK – including the Perth Concert Hall, Perth Museum, Perth Horsecross Theatre, Old City Chambers, Perth, Taymouth Castle, The Grange, Ramsgate, Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound, Edinburgh, Saddell Estates, National Trust Headquarters, Edinburgh, The Regal Cinema in Marble Arch and Holborn Restaurant, London.

On the 9th of September 1930 they employed T H Peddie as Art Director. Peddie had two paintings accepted for exhibition by the RSA. His work can still be seen today in the Royal George Hotel, Perth in the shape of hand painted ceiling panels. He married Hugh Mackay’s, daughter Mary Kennedy MacKay. Hugh Mackay died on 28th December 1943.

In the General Minute Book of the Company dated 30th May 1944, Mr A Ness was appointed Chairman.

Many examples of the company’s earlier works can still be seen in places such as the Upper Hall at 3 Tay Street where stencilled gold leaf and hand painted ornament were applied in 1991 and The City Hall where gilding was applied.

The Company still operates from below Kinnoul Church Hall at 1 Riverside, Perth, John Nevin has now made these premises its Head Office employing in the region of 50 painters carrying out works throughout the whole of the UK.

Along with our sister company Nevin of Edinburgh we provide top quality craftsmanship and skill that is unrivaled in our field.